Jósika Castle, Rapoltu Mare

  • National heritage number:
  • HD-II-a-B-03422
  • address:
  • Rapoltu Mare
  • dated to:
  • 18th century

The castle is a two-storey brick building, with a rectangular-shaped layout and a large basement underneath. During the 20th century, the building has been stripped of the ornamental elements that previously beautified the front and rear facades, and some of its windows have been walled in as well. Traces of previously existing balconies can be spotted on the two previously mentioned facades.

The main building of the castle, its farm buildings, basement, gatehouse and surrounding walls have all been built during the large-scale constructions. The surrounding houses have later been built from the walls surrounding the estate. The castle and its outhouses could be accessed through two massive, arcaded gates. The wall extends behind the two arcades, separating the two from each other. This wall most probably served to separate the castle and the outhouse from the farm buildings.

The windows have jack arches, and are ornate with eyebrow arch lintels on the upper floor. Only the quoins at the corners of the building remain of the original exterior ornaments, while a few interior stucco-remnants hint at its former pomp. At the beginning of the 19th century, the estate was owned by the Hollaki and Sándor families. They were also the ones who restored it after the devastations of 1848. It was used by the local agricultural co-operative. Today, it lies ruined and ownerless.

How do you get here?

How do you get here?