About us

PONT Group has started an overall strategic process based on recent experience relating to the Castle in Transylvania programme as well as strategies and development models, supported by funds from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway trough the Ministry of Culture – Project Management Unit in the cadre of "Conservation and Revitalization of the Cultural and Natural Patrimony" – financed trough SEE 2009–2014 Financial Mechanism.

The word “castle” captures public attention, raises interest, and instills nostalgic feelings, but also sadness because of its uncertain future.

All these raise the question 'is there anything that can be done about castles being rendered derelict?'

The castles and citadels of Transylvania form the most significant part of the province's cultural heritage, despite failures in utilizing their potential value.

The communist period and the difficult economic situation that followed has made the rehabilitation of these buildings difficult until the present day. Renovating Transylvania's castles could add an increased socio-cultural value and a significant economical impact to the region. According to some estimations, there are more than 600 castles and citadels in Transylvania. When we talk about Transylvania, we refer to the region that consists of 16 counties forming the historical region, and the areas Maramures, Crisana and Banat.

The Castle in Transylvania project has set a goal of creating a network of experts within relevant fields, who can exchange and share information to help increase the sustainability of Romania's cultural heritage. The project aims to develop strategic thinking by examining the economic and social value of the Transylvanian castles. Our organization will develop a local and regional plan to attract alternative resources necessary for the restoration of these buildings.

The project addresses directly the owners and the managers of these castles, experts, NGOs, institutions and local governments; all of which have a key role in the restoration and the sustainable development of this region. The project also aims to present a model to European organizations to be implemented in other regions.

The castles of Transylvania could contribute the:

- touristic attractiveness of the region and its capacity to host tourists
- cultural, local and regional development
- development of small and medium sized businesses which use them in the present without emphasizing their cultural value.